Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Execution of the Innocent

The abortion issue has been something that has taken high priority in my life. Most of the time I am in disbelief at the ignorance of the pro-abortion side, they just don’t seem to “get it”. Above all I find myself to be angry, angry at the fact that the ignorance is so wide spread and millions of babies are being brutally murdered every single day.  I have seen many advancements within the Pro-Life movement, but on the other hand the hate taught by the likes of “Planned Parenthood” is also growing. The mask of “women’s rights” is clouding the vision of many women and men and because of this I believe that we need a new approach. For myself, I know that I need to change my approach to those who favor the slaughter of the unborn by not lashing out in anger but teaching them all that I have learned. I just don’t know exactly how to do this. How can one know the facts of abortion and not feel the twinge of anger? I know that my mission will not work if I meet those ignorant to the atrocities of abortion with judgment and anger.
    Over the last few years, Facebook has become my window into the Pro-Life world. If anything good has come from social media it is that. I have been able to connect with great people who share my views and the desperate need to give a voice to the voiceless. Of course social media also has opened the flood gates to arguments between those in favor of abortion and those who stand for life. As an advocate for the unborn, I have found myself in many online “discussions” that turned into nasty fights. I must say that the abortionists sound very repetitive after awhile, as their stances on infanticide are all based on the same lies. They seem to be convinced that abortions are there because women are being raped by either strangers or their own fathers and that the women of the 21st century are dying during child birth… seriously? If they knew any of the facts (which they don’t) they would see that if we have to look at the percentages it would tell them that abortions are not the results of rape of near death but rather the rash decisions of irresponsible, morally void women who simply think it is “getting rid of the problem”. This of course has been the argument when it comes to placing ultrasounds in clinics that perform abortions to show the woman exactly what it is that she is killing. It’s been proven that the majority of women who are able to “see” their unborn child have a change of heart and decide not to abort, I have no words for those who continue on with the butchering.
Recently there has been an unraveling of sorts concerning the abortion giant “Planned Parenthood”, causing many to readjust their opinion of the so called “women’s centers”. Hidden cameras and massive phone calls have proven that not only does PP lie about the services they provide (mammograms especially) but they have also lied about the percentage of abortions they actually provide. Not to mention the countless incidences where under age girls were given abortions without parental consent. So why are there so many caught up in the web of lies that PP spins? I think it has something to do with them being a sort of “brand name”. Too many Pro-Life centers don’t spend enough time promoting themselves, at least that is what I have experienced in my local area. So what can we do as Pro-Life people? Educate, educate, educate. Although at times I find that some people tend to want to remain oblivious to the real things happening around them, or are just happy remaining ignorant. I will continue to examine and document my findings on the Pro-Life movement, and use my gift of writing to hopefully open the eyes of those set on executing the innocent.

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